Dipping into my “energy overdraft”

The first day of the Tour de France and Phil Ligit manages to get one of his famous Ligit-isms in straight away! Yes, it’s that time of year again when fibre freaks around the world don a pair of lycra shorts and tool of their choice. For two years I did the KAL, obtaining a Polka Dot Jersey both times. This year I’m going for my biggest challenge yet, but not with pointy sticks, oh no…this year I’m doing the Tour de Fleece.


I am on Team Jelly Legs initially, also in Team Rookie and team Drop Spindle

I am planning to spin 400g of fleece and hopefully learn to navajo ply. So far I have spun 100g of the Merino/Silk that was in my last post. It was so easy to spin and looks wonderful as a yarn. I’ve left it in singles, as there are so many colours already in it, I think adding more would be too much.

merinosilk 002

Next up is “Precious” from Jo at Limegreenjelly


I am so very looking forward to spinning this BFL, the colours are just what I want right now.

As for the Tour de France…Armstrong, Wiggins and Cavendish are looking good (these are the guys I particularly look out for). Cadel Evans and Contador are looking good too…I wish all the guys the best of luck!

Watch this from YouTube


6 thoughts on “Dipping into my “energy overdraft”

  1. That merino silk is gorgeous! Lovely colours and beautiful spinning. As a rookie spinner here’s a rookie question – how do the singles knit up? And your new fleece looks pretty too – good luck on the goal!

  2. I am with you on the ‘energy overdraft’ , don’t think I have recoverd from Woolfest yet but I still don’t stop !!! stupid or what !!
    Yummy yarn you have made there and I love Jo’s colours too

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