“Hey man, slow down”

(Radiohead – The Tourist – Ok Computer)

I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for ages, but for some reason or another, I just haven’t got around to it.

The Tour de Fleece spinning is going well, and have so far spun 2 50g hanks of navajo plied merino, 100g of BFL 2 ply 3 40g hanks of a chunky slubby shetland yarn and I’m about to spin another shetland…I might try plying on the fly for this one.

2009-07-10 navajo

This is “Take Back” from Limegreenjelly, a merino nad bamboo blend.

2009-07-15 navajoblue

This yanrn I have named “Navajo Blue” a superfine merino which was gifted to me from MamaMi.

I love to learn new techniques and can get quite obsessive until I feel I’ve got it right. I still don’t really know if I have but I followed the instructions given on this video.

2009-07-11 my precious

This is “Precious” from Limegreenjelly, I’ve spun it into a 2 ply yarn and have named my creation “Smeagol”. I am so pleased with this one! Jo’s wonderful colours make it a special yarn.

drying 005

The yarn on the left, middle and right are the “Slubby Gimp” yarn, this is “Ceiliog” (If I remember rightly,Β  is Cockerel, in Welsh) a shetland fibre from MamaMi, plied with a bright red cotton yarn.

So stage 11 is up and I’m gonna spin this one: “Derw” (which is Oak, in Welsh) another shetland from MamaMi.


I’m either going to ply on the fly with this one or ply it with some “Take Back” merino/bamboo…or both! I’ve been spinning most of these on my spindle that was hand made by a friend in Pembroke, I am so impressed with them, they have worked so well.


If at all you would like to buy one, they are in my Folksy Shop.

I had the most wonderful 3 day weekend. Saturday was spent shopping as I had to go to Haverford West to get my eyes tested…I wion’t tell you how much we ended up spending in the Christian Bookshop, but it was alot!

I bought this one for me:


Which is book 1 of the Circle Trilogy. I’m enjoying it, though it sounds, so far, a lot like ” The Chronicles Thomas Covenant” by Stephen Donaldson, but a lot easier to read.

The reason we spent a lot was that Jim and I are hoping to set up a youth church in Pembroke Dock, we want it to prepare young children for big church, but explaing various things like Communion, Baptism, the sermon etc on their level. We’re looking at alternative worshipping, so it’s not boring….and I get to do all the craft bits, naturally!

On Sunday I had my little sister over from Leeds, she’s about 7 months pregnant with her first baby and very excited. We spent the evening looking through all my baby knitting patterns and had a good laugh at all those fantastic vintage patterns!


I think she’d kill me if I knitted this for her!

Monday I took the day off work, the big kids were a bit poorly, but nothing too bad in the end. As Caryl and James were still around, we took them to Bosherston and met up with my friend M (she own’s the alpacas), who has booked us in to camp on her site for a couple of weeks during the summer hols (only 3 days to go!!!!!!) which will be so handy as we’re not too far from home if we need anything, and we still get to go away, a change is as good as a rest, so they say! I have to give her and a friend some spinning lessons in return though! I’m sure I can manage that!

First though, we have a trip to London to meet some of Jim’s Moblog friends. He is taking part in a charity Bike ride, from London to Cambridge….if you fancy sponsering him at all, the website is here: He’s raising money for “BreakThrough” a Breast Cancer charity. There is a link here if you would like to know more about the Breakthrough Charity.

So, what’s next for me?

After I finish work in 3 days time, Spinning for the Tour de Fleece, I have face painting for a friends birthday, making table runners from Sari fabric for a friends wedding, I have been asked to do another face painting session for “The Big Lunch” which is happening the Sunday. I’m hoping the weather stays dry! We’ll be meeting in the Memorial park at around 12.30pm and having a big picnic.

So, still busy, busy for now at least.

Happy days xx


6 thoughts on ““Hey man, slow down”

  1. Very busy!

    I love your TdFleece products! I’m afraid I’ve grown quite smitten with Smeagol – but the other colours are magnificent too. Looking forward to seeing what you do with “Derw”.

    Enjoy the chaos, and don’t forget to breathe!

  2. Wow, I am so impressed with all your spinning. I have hardly done any for ages. Doesn’t seem to stop me buying more fibre though.

  3. Hi Angie! What ages are you thinking about doing for the youth church? There’s a man in the next town over who has a fantastic outreach ministry through his bike/skateboard shop. Kids love hanging out there and he’s been able to reach many who’d never think of going to an organized church. (thinking of Jim) On the other hand, there aren’t many kids who don’t love making things with their hands. πŸ™‚

    I’d adore a little vintage hat like that on my granddaughter.

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