There She Goes My Beautiful World…

(Nick Cave)

Well that’s that then, the Tour de Fleece is over. It was great! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I feel my spinning has improved greatly, I have learned to navajo ply, spin fine, consistant singles and I’ve had a go at art yarn, though not very successfully I have to admit.

2009-07-27 pinky4

I’ve also written a new pattern after discovering a neat little trick.

It’s quite a strange feeling after continuously watching the Tour on TV and spinning like a very spinny thing…to nothing. I have started some socks with a merino/solk blend that I beagan spinning at the beginning of the tour.

sock 002

The fibre was very kindly given to me by DeepSea Knitter.

And this one is next on the cards….


This is 50% Faux Cashmere and 50% Silk,  “Cherry Kiss” from Limegreenjelly.I’ve also got some fibre coming from HappyNeedle which I’m really excited about but I’ll have to wait a while for that, it’s coming from the states.

During the passed two weeks it suddenly dawned on me why I began blogging in the first place…this whole internet community thing can seem a little wierd at times. Especially when you have stories in the media telling us it’s bad for our health and state of mind, people are going out less and all that…where I see where they are coming from and no doubt for some people it can be a bit of an obsession…but without the internest (I quite like that typo so I’m leaving it in) I’d still be knitting in secret, I’d have never even thought about spinning my own yarn, or I would have done but I’d still be crap at it!

I’d never have been in touch with people like Jo and the LimegreenJelly group,  Anne and Kath, all the Plurksibs, The Ravelry lot, the Mobbloggers without whom Jim wouldn’t have been able to cycle 300 miles and to everyone who reads my blog and takes the time to leave a comment.

And though I have a tiny little voice, I just wanted to say, no, shout,  thank you all, all of you are wonderful and helpful and fantastic!

So what’s next?

I’m waiting for the other half to get back from London then we’re going to stay in Bosherston for a bit where I’m going to be giving some spinning lessons. I’ve got plans to give a friend of a friend some lessons on a knitting machine and no doubt I will be doing some craft sessions at some point, but those are still to be planned.

At the moment I am being tested to see if I have Coeliacs disease, which is a bit of a pain…as we’re in a pretty small town gluten free stuff is hard to come by (and if anyone out there also needs a gluten free diet and has any tips…they will be greatfully received). It also means no more Riggwelter…the beer that is, or whiskey…Do they do gluten free ale? Hmmph!

And on that bombshell (sorry I’ve just been watching Top Gear)…see you soon.


5 thoughts on “There She Goes My Beautiful World…

  1. Wow!! Your spinning looks fabulous- way to go!
    We tried gluten free for a while, I’d have a hard time doing it long term, I really like my bread! My aunt has Celiac (american spelling?) and we’ve had our suspicions with some in our household… it remains to be seen… but maybe your tests will come back negative…? not negative news, but negative like no disease… it could happen 🙂

    Happy knitting (gluten or no gluten)-

  2. Gosh you did do a lot , Good for you 🙂 and I love the name for your new knitting pattern 😉
    I am also with you 100% re the great friends we have made online and the fact that we can share and learn together.
    Bummer re the Coeliac’s, having Crohns myself I know what you are going through albeit for different reasons and diet is a major influence on both. I have days when I say bugger it I am having it and suffer the consequences but it depends on how the ‘demon’ has been behaing itself. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you that you havn’t got it XXX

  3. Wow, what a lot of spinning! I especially like the blue-green yarn. The “Cherry Kiss” fiber is really pretty, too; I’m sure it will make a gorgeous yarn. I hope your tests come back ok.

  4. Your spun yarn is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!
    Beautiful…and very inspiring.
    I hear you on the wonders of the internet. It is such a visual medium ~ it really motivates me to create…and I love the way that it’s brought me into contact with kindred spirits like you!
    I hope the test results are what you hope for. My cousin has Coeliacs ~ he told me that, after a period of adjustment, it wasn’t too hard for him to deal with.

  5. Your spinning is wonderful – very inspiring!

    Fingers crossed re: the celiac’s – I know that there is a big move towards gluten-free in my area (Southern Ontario, which doesn’t help you), but there are lots and lots of products out there – I am not sure about the beer or whiskey, though – what a tragedy that would be…

    positive thoughts…

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