Ar Lan y Mor (Down by the Sea)

There is one hobby I love more than fibre and that’s camping. There’s something wonderful about going back to basics, appreciating the countryside views, listening to the birds at 5am, building a fire, having to eat basic foods, meeting new likeminded people and having the time to read (and spin – of course!).

We were all invited to stay with friends in Bosherston which is close enough to pop home if the kids needed clean clothes, but far enough to make that journey a difficult one! I know I have mentioned Trefalen Farm a lot,  but it truly is a beautiful and fantastic corner of Wales.

bosherston 002View from the campsite. Church rock off Broad Haven Beach

bosh 006

Bosherston Lily Ponds.

bosh 010

I was trying to get a photo of the heart shaped rock…it was a bonus that the busker was there too. In fact there were 5 in all with various intruments, 4 of which were ‘next door’ to us, playing traditional English tunes. Perfect. One of those musicians, I learned later was also a spinner and weaver.

There are more photo’s here

During our holiday here, we were invited to Swansea to visit one of  Big J’s Moblogging friends, Maggie, who had a fun packed day planned for our kids at Clyne Farm


There was also archery and indoor climbing, Big J took most of those photos, if you would like to see them, they are here.

It was a fantastic and very tiring day, but wonderful to meet Maggie and her family too.

As the weather was still good, we decided to go back to the campsite, there was no reason to be stuck at home until it was time for me to be back at work and there was a catch to the camping holiday, that was to teach the owner, M, how to spin her own alpaca.

bosherston 004Lord Cawdor, Petrox and William.

So off I went, armed with carders, spindles, and gave her some tips on washing. Hopefully she has enough basic information now to keep going. I’m looking forward to going back when we get some nice weather (hmmmm) and see how she’s doing.

The days where it rained was filled with knitting and reading. I managed to get a whole garment finished! Ok, it’s not a large, intricate garment, but a finished one nonetheless.

top 001

Meet “Elyon” hand knitted in handspun yarns. The top half is “Smeagol” BFL from Limegreenjelly. The bottom half in “Life is a bowl of Cherries” Faux Cashmere and Silk, also Limegreenjelly.

An improvised design…and as usual I forgot to write the instructions down!

The name “Elyon” comes from the books I am reading at the moment. “The Circle Trilogy” by Ted Dekker. I thoroughly recommend them, whether you are a Christian or love fantasy stories. Perfect for both.

It’s back to work for me tomorrow, I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine now after all that fresh air and spirituality.

I have since discovered that I am not Ceoliac…and although that is good…I now have to go through a whole process of tests to find out what it is..ho hum….

Oh and I have lots of baby knitting to do as my sister has had a baby girl, named Cerys Angela, I am under strict instructions though…NO PINK!

Hope you all had a wonderful August!


7 thoughts on “Ar Lan y Mor (Down by the Sea)

  1. What gorgeous scenery – and buskers to boot!!

    As an aside, babies look great in black, for some reason – I have knit lots of baby sweaters in black with bright accents, and they always look good…

  2. Oh, that camping looks beautiful! We’re going camping this weekend (Labor Day Weekend here in the states) but nowhere near so gorgeous… we’re camping in my parents’ yard a few miles down the road, lol!! There will be several friends joining us and it will be a fabulous time, but nowhere near as photogenic as your trip! 🙂
    Happy knitting-

  3. Great to catch up with all your news and glad you had a wonderful holiday. I love your lily pond photo – very Monet-esque!

    The handspun top is beautiful – I must check out the seller…

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