So this is Christmas…

This has got to be the best Christmas song ever. Nevemind all this Rage against the Machine/X-Factor business, this one should be the Christmas number 1!

This year I feel will be a year of changes…which is good, I like a good change, better than being stuck in a rut. Usually for Christmas, we would have my sister over with her partner and his 2 boys but because they have just had a little girl together, and James is having to work, they are staying home for the first time since my mum died 6 years ago. It’s going to be quiet.

But, as we now have an extra room in the house I thought I’d actually get the dining room sorted. It’s been a store room for most of that 6 years and the occasional bedroom. It’s by no means finished but the table is in and that’s the important bit. So, without the big oak table in the living room, I also thought it would be a nice idea to have a big tree, now the kids are old enough to leave it alone. So far, so good.

As we didn’t break up from school til quite late, then didn’t get paid until yesterday, it’s been a mad rush to get everything ready in between parties and church readings but as far as I am aware…we’re ready!

and I’m all excited…

The Midwinter lantern parade was great and it didn’t rain this year! I didn’t get very good pictures though as, surprise, surprise, I forgot my camera as I very often do.

This was taken as we were facepainting, rounding people up and singing along to the wonderful fiddle playing.

Little J did her first violin playing in public this year too, which was a nice change to be able to go and watch the year 4/5/6 concert as it’s held in the Zion Chapel in town. Did I tell you she’s also in a brass band? She’s the percussionist…and quite good too.

She’s played 3 gigs this year…I’m so proud.

And to add to that, my two eldest won a Christmas Card competition for Pembroke Dock Chamber of Trade.

As well as all the other children involved, they had a beautiful set of cards printed.

The vicar visited the other day and asked how my knitting was going…and well…I’ve done nothing creative at all since October. One of my new year resolutions will have to be to organise my free time better. Maybe if I tried doing one thing at a time it would help…but you know me, not happy unless my time is completely filled, completely!

I did help make this though…

After Big J had read “The Beattitudes”  from The Message Bible at a celtic service some time ago, a friend had asked if he could print the passage out. We both had agreed that it was too special for just printing. At the time I was trying out a bobbin lace cross intended for a Christmas card…but it fitted in perfectly on the page with J’s lovely handwrtting. So there it is, a perfect gift. Handmade.

And that’s pretty much it for me this year. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year. x


4 thoughts on “So this is Christmas…

  1. Hope you all had a good Christmas, and that you now have a chance to relax.

    Thanks for the invite down to yours. Don’t think I’ll be able to come down right now, but I do appreciate the offer.

    Here’s to a happy new year!

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