Hello! Look at that! Another post. I’m so pleased with myself.

Sadly if I wasn’t off sick from work I’d probably not be writing this now. Remember the bloating stomach problems I was having last year? Well they’ve decided that it’s probably linked to the constant aching and exhaustion I am suffering with at the moment and the restless leg syndrome that I have had for years. I’ve done the routine blood tests which have come back fine…so right now they are treating the depression (I hate being slowed down) first to see if my mood lifts I’ll feel less achey, then we’ll see what happens next.

While it gives me more time to get crafting done…I don’t actually have the energy to do it. I need to learn to pace myself and take it easy. What is it they say – you can’t teach an old dog new tricks – this is gonna be the hardest lesson I’m ever going to learn. My mind is saying “YES!” but my body is saying “GO  AWAY!” (to put it politely). Still, I am doing stuff, small stuff in short bursts.

I’ve aquired a new crafting technique – needle felting. I love it.

I bought these from Bear Basics at what I thought was a fantastic price. It’s another one of those things that can be as expensive as you like. These 10 assorted needles was £5!

And it’s pretty easy to do. Though I must add…watch your fingers, they hurt if you catch them!

This was made from KnitCave’s merino/tencel tops I bought a few weeks ago. Which became this:

90g of Aran weight 2 ply gorgeousness handspun on a drop spindle.  I split all the colours up and spun the seperately then plied it all.As it was bought from KnitCave, I felt it must have a Nick Cave kinda name. So after trawling through his albums and lyrics for at least an hour (how sad am I?) I decided to name the yarn “The Birthday Party” being all sparkly and all.

Thank you Helen for a super quick delivery!

I did have plans for it, but a friend bought it instead and suggested I put all my handspun yarns in her shop which is quite exciting.

The purple and shell one on the right is a work in progress.  The top left is “Enfys” Merino singles. there’s enough there for baby socks.

bottom left is “Llyn Y Fan Fach” Aran weight merino singles from the “World of Wool”, The pink on the otherside is “Love is the Colour”  Bluefaced Leicester from “Limegreenjelly”

The blue in the middle is Merino and Tussah silk  from “World of Wool” DK weight singles and at the moment is nameless – if you see a name in the yarn, feel free to comment.

I thought I was going to have to cancel my World Wide Knit in Public Day, due to my health taking a well…funny turn. But people began to ask me about it and friends offered to help, so it’s still going.

I shall be at Trefalen Farm just outside Bosherton (on the way to Broad Haven Beach) on Saturday from 11am – 2pm with my spinning, needle felting, knitting, crochet, yarn stall from my LYS,and I’m hoping Posh Yarns will be there too,  things for children to do, and a super, super story teller.

Bring your tools, yourself and your lunch.

I think that’s about it. Need to rest for tomorrow.

Rosary made for a lady at church – wooden metal and glass beads.


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  1. Sorry to hear you’ve not been well. Try and take it easy (thoough it’s probably easier for me to say than for you to do.) Hope tomorrow goes well, and if Posh Dee does turn up, say hello to her from me.


  2. I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well. Hopefully you get that all straightened out soon. It can be hard to learn to slow down, but I think it can be good for all of us.

    I hope you had a good WWKIP day!

  3. I’m sorry you haven’t been well too. I very occasionally get restless legs when I’m very tired. Not nice.
    The needlefelting looks like lots of fun (it’s on my To Do list) and your hand spun is glorious!

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