Hello again!

I wasn’t going to post for a while but I just had to share with you my latest fibre haul, but first to say thank you to everyone who helped out with the World Wide Knitting in Public Day, without you all I’d have never been able to do it.

It was great! Loads of people I had never met before. A couple of ladies came over from Carew and taught another lady how to crochet before she had to go to a wedding! While I taught a friend how to spin.

I hope you’re still going M!

Some had a go at needle felting and made brooches and some came to listen to the fabulous storyteller…I learnt a little Dutch,  the sun shone and everyone was happy, it was brill!! It got a bit busy after, with Dylan loosing his shoes and the kids paper flying everywhere so I didn’t get any more photos sadly. I hope everyone else who did a knitting day had fun too.

I’ve really got into this needle felting lark, it’s really easy, though I have to do it in short bursts as it tires out my arms.

I’ve made a couple of these, recycled watches, the one above is made from Shetland wool with metal and glass beads.

I’ve had some reasonably good news about my health problems. I have actually got doctors taking me seriously about my restless leg syndrome now! Woohoo!  I am being referred to a consultant…so we shall see what’s happening there.  I’ve known that it was RLS for some time, but because it comes and goes and it’s really hard to describe the symptoms it has taken some time…10 years…to get someone to listen. I’m not really sure how they test for it so this should be interesting.

So, the fibre. I felt I needed a treat…not an expensive one, just something nice and different. Instead of buying some of Limegreenjelly’s fibre as I had intended to (sorry Jo x) I went to World of Wool and got these:

200g of Wenslydale Top

100g Grey Massam Top

200g Black Welsh Top

100g Yak Down

100g Bamboo

and the peace de resistance

100g Baby Camel

This stuff is like spinning air!

but it’scoming on ok.

Hmmm…note to self…don’t say that you’re going to spin everything you have for the Tour de Fleece and then by more! Silly Woman!

Won’t be long now spinny people…do you all have your spindles and wheels at the ready? No, me neither! I’ve joined two groups, Team Jelly Legs spinning some Limegreenjelly fibre and Team Spindle for obvious reasons…I shall be spindling all the way.

C’mon you greens!!


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