Love Ravelry…

I’ve joined a group in Ravelry with the intention to make Christmas gifts before December the 24th! This months is to make hats. The moderator kindly does all the searching, suggests some hats and everyone knits either her suggestions or something else…..I opted for the something else;

So, bumbling around Ravelry for a quick, fun, child’s hat I found these…

Brilliant, just what I wanted.

I then remembered a lot of people asking me about shark socks (I think the pattern goes live in October). Where it looks like the shark is eating the wearer’s leg….fun!

What about a hat that eats the wearer’s head? What child wouldn’t think that was fab!?

Looking at the fish hat pattern I realised that this wouldn’t be able to be knitted in the round as some intarsia would be involved, then I had to change the shaping, and the tail and add teeth.

Lo and behold the Riggwelter’s Shark Hat (It still needs a name, my friends on Facebook are working on this)



The pattern is being looked at right now, so once I have the go ahead from a knittyfriend, I shall publish the pattern here and on Ravelry, for free, naturally.

So exciting!


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