It’s that time of year again…

It’s that time of year again, World Wide Knitting in Public Day. I haven’t done one for a couple of years and hadn’t really thought about doing one this year, but Big J mentioned it, and the seed was sown. I checked when the big day was happening, in the 10 days (6th – 16th) WKIPD could be held, there was 1 day in my diary where I wasn’t going to be busy, I posted the idea on Facebook to see if there’s be any interest…lo and behold it was practically organised for me!

We decided to raise money for Wales Air Ambulance as this was the charity the LWS supported and she provided some fabulously woolly raffle prizes.

Sadly and stupidly I forgot my camera…so the only photos I have of the event was this one taken by Ms Daines.


Yep, this is me, spinning some cotton

and these taken by Ms James


We had a fantastic day sharing interests and tips, teaching new crafts, knittin’ and nattin’.

I’ve been spending a lot of my time making items for my old new shop and getting back into the habit of spinning every day, because of course it is that time of year too.

Tour de Fleece. I’m yet again on Team Jellylegs, spinning some of Limegreenjelly ‘s beautifully hand painted fleeces.

The latest hank to come off the spindle is this,


“Little Haven” Wensleydale fibre singles, I think I bought the roving from Thefeltbox.com, but I am honestly not sure. I’ve got to say, I didn’t enjoy spinning this, I found it really fluffy, with loose staples flying everywhere, which made me sneeze a lot!! But, the colours are beautiful and now that it’s done, I love it.

I’ve only got a small amount of the cotton (which has been in my stash for a while) left to spin and next is some BFL, which I will attempt to dye…once the weekend is over.

It’s going to be a busy one. Big and little J are off to Leicester to see Madness (yes, Madness!!) and particularly their supporting band By The Rivers. I’m only slightly jealous! This leaves me with entertaining the other 3 babies and loads of face painting with Pembroke Dock’s Summer festival and as hectic and tiring it is,  I love this job and so thankful that i am asked back each year.

I shall leave you with Take Control by By The Rivers :

I’ll see you on the other side. x Have a fab day.


Feeling pleased with myself…

This morning I have shaken off the poo feeling, I have no aching in my shoulders and I feel I can relax again.
World book day was, I feel a success in the Harwood house.
Dylan got to go as a Thunderbird (although my argument with him still stands – it is not a book!)
I had a bit of a Blue Peter moment and cracked open a new pack of sticky-back plastic and unused boxes – and this emerged from the mess…

Good fun, well I’m sure it would have been more fun if I wasn’t doing it in the middle of the night.

Jaz went as Dr Who… Which was easy enough

No need to make, fix, sew anything here, just a bit of ironing (shock, horror!) Which was lucky really as most of my time this week was spent making these…

Upsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle.

Mavis’ skirt was an old one of Jasmine’s, shortened and white petals (made from a white shirt) added. Ollie had the biggest make over, with a red comfort blanket made from an old shirt of J’s, little bells were sewn onto the inside, so it jingled when he shook it. His trousers were made from 2 pairs of pyjama trousers, one sewn into the other and a little rattle sewn inside, so when he shook his leg, he rattled, (just as Iggle Piggle does) and finished off with their new hats.

(some have asked for the pattern – they can be found here).

To add to the feeling of self gratification, I have, for the very first time won a prize:

A Sheep tape measure from Lantern Moon, Sheep Stitch Markers from Viking Knits, and some pampering goodies.
Thank you so much to the UK Swap girls.

And, yep, there’s more… I have received two awards from the most wonderful InkberryBlue,
the “You Make My Day” award and this one:

The Art Award.

“Post the award on your own blog.
Indicate its original link and link to that site.
(The Award originally came from http://artepico.blogspot.com/ from Uruguay)
Give the Award to 5 other blogs that you enjoy, find creative and inspire you.”

I forward the Art Award to Artis-anne, Black Dog Knits, The Hook and I, Quartodeideias, and last but not least, Napkin Please.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Knit-ochet Choker

For Pendant:


any 4 ply is fine, I used Wendy Peter Pan.
2.mm needles

Cast on 20 sts
1. (WS) K
2. K8, K2tog twice, K8
3. P7, P2tog twice, P7
4. K6, K2tog twice, K6
5. K all sts
6. K5, K2tog twice, K5
7. P4, P2tog twice, P4
8. K3, K2tog, K3
9. K all sts
10. K2, K2tog twice, K2
11. P1, P2tog, P1
12. K2tog twice.

Leave rem 2 sts on a needle.

For choker


Again, any 4 ply is fine, I used the same yarn as the pendant.
size 4mm hook.

1. Ch 40
2. sk 1st ch, dc into the rest (39), ch1 and turn,
3. dc 19, join pendant by placing the 2 rem sts onto the hook, dc as normal, pulling yarn through all loops, dc 19.
4. Fasten off

Add beads to decorate and choker clasp at each end.


The calm before the storm…

It’s going to be a busy week next week, so I am planning to relax this weekend, planning to, that is, it probably won’t actually happen!

Things to do next week:

I have applied for a job in the school that I work voluntarily in, just a temporary, part time post until Christmas, if I get an interview, it will be on Wednesday…eeek!

Friday I have my NVQ assessor coming to watch me teach music and movement. I’ve done my lesson planning, and am going to do some dancing and make instruments just need to gather the materials and make sure I know what I’m doing.

Also on Friday “Children in Need” day so Ollie and Mavis need to be dressed up as farm animals, so costumes are to be made for them, just something simple, I also need to dress up as a Pirate for the class that I will be teaching.

I have to deliver leaflets for the Christmas Trip I am organising for CANDo and get their website finished and put out into cyberspace andget a 3ft banner finished.

I know I’m not going to get any knitting done next week, so I’m just going to sit and knit all day! I want to get the back of “Vintage Lady” finished,

I’m just coming up to the armhole shaping, so I should be able to get that done today.

I’m also hoping to get some of these slippers done for my sister. I was getting bored of knitting them, so came up with a crochet pattern, and they can be made much faster.

You know when you’re aware that there’s a lot to be done, so you do the ostrich thing and bury your head in the sand…well that’s just what I’ve been doing!

Noctambulating around blogland I discovered some cool things like:

Dipsy Doodles Doily
These fruit hats for babies…so sweet!
And this yarn from Jo

wonderful stuff!

Talking of being inspired, I was working on my Silk top the other night and suddenly realised I would need some stitch markers, completely inspired by The Cabled Climber I made my own, out of whatever I could find in my craft box. They’re crudely made, but they do the job!

A picture of them in action:

Oh and I’ve also joined the “365 ers group” in Ravelry, as if I haven’t got enough to do. Mind you taking photos is like breathing to me, having the time to upload them…. that’s something else.

Finally, for Seahorse, although I didn’t think it at all possible to beat her crochet monstrosity I though I’d share this with the ’70’s babies and the obsession with “all-in-ones” urgh!

(from “Joan Fisher’s Guide to Crochet”)

So, with time on my side, I’m off to do….something.


Crocheted Snowflake Card

To make Snowflake:

Size 4.00mm crochet hook,
Cream cotton, 4 ply,
Gold thread.


1. Ch 6, Sl into first Ch, to make a ring.
2. Dc 15 times, Sl into first Dc, Ch 1, turn.
3. 2Dc into each of previous Dcs, (30sts), Sl into first Dc, Ch 1, turn.
4. *Dc 2, (Dc, Ch 5, Dc) into next Dc, rep from * 8 times, Dc 2, Sl into first Dc, bind off, leaving enough thread to attach the snowflake to the card.

After making the snowflake, it’s time to prepare the card.

Steel ruler,
Sharp craft knife,
Something circular big enough to fit your snowflake in,
Tapestry needle,
And a small amount of sticky tape.

Fist, cut the card to the size you need it, this depends on the size of your snowflake, then fold in half and score down the middle.

Place your circular item on the card where you want your snowflake to be, i.e, not necessarily in the centre. Draw around it, then carefully, with your craft knife, cut it out.

Push the tapestry needle into the card to make a small hole where you with thread your snowflake, once you have threaded the snowflake to the card, letting it dangle slightly,

then on the inside, use a small amount of sticky tape to hold the thread in place.

There you have it, decorate it, or leave it simple, the rest is up to you.


Thank You All!

I would like to give each and every one of you a great big hug, it’s hard to put into words, how much all those comments mean to me, without sounding false, soppy and ostentatious.

So, consider yourself hugged (I wonder if I could create a button for that?)!

Before I forget, can I please remind you of the Competition I am holding…you’ll find the details in the right column under “Little Competition” (scroll down to the bottom of the page) the closing date is the 5th September so there is still time left and it is open to anyone.
Thank you (again) to everyone who has taken part so far, the socks are great, it’s going to be a tough decision!

It’s been another busy week craftwise.
I had been booked for an Art & Craft day at the Family Centre in Monkton on Thursday.
I was so impressed that the parents were willing to get involved and get as messy as the kids (it doesn’t happen much in Pembroke Dock) and again “Thank You’s” to everyone who helped out, especially Tracie and Becky who do a wonderful job over there.
To save bombarding everyone here with loads of photos, there is a post on my “Can Do Crafts” Blog about the day.

It was fun!

I am pleased to say “Alexis” (Lois Daykin – From the Rowan book “Little Treasures”)is finished. A really easy and quick knit, and was there not so many other things that got in the way, it would should have been finished ages ago!

Knitted in most of the cotton, cotton/acrylic, and bamboo (mostly unlabled) that I had in my stash, on 4 1/2 mm straight needles.
There is supposed to be a hood, but because I desperately want to be working with the steel wool, the thought of picking up and knitting 200+ sts for the 1/1 rib button band and hood edge just filled me with dread!

So that’s it, I’m off to play with some yarn….I may be some time!


Free Knitting Pattern.

Tiny Tree Stocking.

I shall be using these instead of chocolate decorations and shall put little sweets inside, and they can be used …..well…..forever! Really quick and easy to make with any odd bits of fancy yarn or plain double knitting.


Any double knitting fancy yarn.

Size 4.5mm (size 7 US)


5 stitches = 1 inch


Beginning at top cuff of sock cast on 20 st.
Knit 14 rows

Divide for top of foot section:

Knit across 13sts, turn, leaving 7 sts on needle

Knit 6 sts, turn, leaving 7 sts on other side.

Cont with centre 6 sts, knit 10 rows

Knit across centre sts, then pick up 5 sts evenly down the piece of knitting you have just done, then knit across 7 sts

Knit across 18 sts, then pick up 5 sts down edge of instep (30sts)

Knit 4 rows

Bottom decrease:

K 2 tog, K 9 sts, K 2 tog, K 4 sts, K 2 tog, K 9 sts, K 2 tog. (26 sts)Cast off.
Cast off.


Sew bottom and back seam of sock. Weave in and trim any yarn ends. Fasten a loop of yarn at top seam for hanging loop.

Finished size: 3 inches tall, and 2 1/ 2 inches wide at base of sock You can vary your stocking by adding stripes or a rib at the top like a traditional sock.
(c) Angela Harwood

I can make these in sets of 12 for £5 inc p&p. either leave a comment or email me.