And relax…


Sadly I had to give up the Tour de Fleece towards the end due to a very, very painful shoulder. I most probably over did it a bit on the spinning, but that’s me, go at it ‘hell for leather’ and suffer the consequences after!

I did manage to produce some yarns I am very proud of and once this shoulder heals or I find a way to work with it, I will go back and finish the yarns I started.

The one above is a merino and embroidery thread art yarn, only about 20g as it took some time. Inspired by the final day of The Tour, coming down the Champs Elysees at night and the wonderful display on the Arc de Triomphe.

Th yarn below is another Limegreenjelly hand dyed merino. This is the finest I have ever spun, so producing a 2 ply DK yarn, which belonged to me for all of 20 mins. A friend saw it hanging on the line drying and bought it!


There is another I am half way through spinning, a grey Gotland fleece, I haven’t got photos of it yet, but it has the most wonderful curls that I didn’t want to loose, so I haven’t carded the fleece, but spun it as it is, it’s producing a slubby art yarn, silver grey and black. I can’t wait to show it off.

One thing I did learn during The Tour, is the existence of Spindolyns. It’s a drop spindle that spins in a base, so you can prep the fleece with two hands.

I’ve ordered one for my birthday!! Woohoo!!

So until then, I have a little relaxing time now, making clocks, and hats for various people….



It’s here!!

At last it’s here!

That shark hat pattern I promised you…ages ago. It’s here! My very good friend Linda tested it out for me, made some adjustments and now it is done and will be available here or in Ravelry. If you ever want to add me there you’ll find me as “Riggwelter”.

After knitting the hat I had some trouble with my shoulders, so put the needles down for a while and did some felting instead. I find I can use fibre like I would paint, playing around with texture and experimenting with combinations.


In this fabulous online shop World of Wool you can get a 500g bag of waste fibre for £10. You’ll never know what you’re getting, but sometimes you can get some really nice fibre blends which can be spun.


These two are part of a tablet/ipad case made to sell. I love to play with fibre, try out what will felt, what won’t and if they don’t then will they get caught in the fibre without breaking my needles!! I think I lost about 6 making this, but I love it.

Then I thought, well if I can’t knit for the time being…why not crochet? I was a bit nervous as I haven’t used my hooks for quite some time, and it took me a long time to get the hang of them anyway! I ended up buying a children’s book…why I ever though I could just pick up a hook and get started I don’t know. But it’s the learning process I enjoy, give me something new to try and I’m happy as larry, though once I have mastered it, lived it and breathed it… I tend to leave it for a while.

So, I went to the trusty Ravelry site to find a pattern but amazingly couldn’t find anything I fancied or anything that didn’t use a chart (I haven’t mastered that yet). So, using Nikki French’s “A Complete Guide to Knitting and Crochet” I found some “Granny” squares and off I went. and ended up with this…


I’m really pleased with it. It’s slightly too big for me, so I will sell it in my Folksy Shop or Market stall (which ever goes first) and make another with a smaller hook. It was good to get back to making big stuff again and that feeling of great accomplishment makes a big difference.

And once I have written out the pattern in a language most people will understand, I shall post it on my Knitting Pattern Page.