Knit in Public…I dare ya!

Ah, the anti climax…after weeks of chasing people up, finding a venue, or two…the haggling for prices, finding people who you think would be interested  and then in the final hours the panic sets in.

Thankfully I had Elizabeth (Deep Sea Knitter) to share that with and take my mind off the whole affair. It’s funny because we’re not actually that far away from each other providing there’s a car involved, but neither of us have one and public transport in West Wales is…well…difficult.  So she came down Friday instead. It was lovely to have you here and thank you x

wwkip 001

Spinning Blue faced Leicester.

Regardless of any ground work, it’s the people who turn up who make the whole event wonderful. Our usual knitters came, Monkton’s knitting group and a few strangers popped in too.


A lady from the RSVP (retired senior volunteer programme) came along to give us some yarns and whatnot. She also wanted to know how to use a knitting machine…to which I kindly obliged until the machine jammed!  Half the needles had bent and a cam in the carriage was not moving as smoothly as it should. I should have checked it first! D’oh!

Catronia from “Jane’s of Fishguard” wool shop came down with her daughter….and John ( “The Woodman” as he seems to have become known as) came over with his wife.

kipday8I shall be putting his spindles up for sale in my Folksy Shop.

By 1pm most had had enough and started to pack up their gazebos. I’m so glad I stuck around because I finally met Angie of  Blog  Blethers who is sat behind Felix (The Domestic Soundscape) who was travelling around our neck of the woods and knitting her baby wool and sari silk project. I’m also glad Andrew (Ravelry Link) managed to fit us in in his busy schedule too. I can’t wait to see that Pinwheel Cardigan finished which he is knitting in the most beautiful yarn I have ever seen.

wwkip 006

Thank you all so much for coming  and thank you to Mr Hobo for the photos. Glad you were’nt the token bloke after all.


So, what’s next?

On the 19th of June I shall be face pinting on the Memorial park with the “Teddy Bear’s Picnic”. On Sunday Mr Hobo has been asked to lead the Family Service, at St Teilo’s church, which gives us a chance to get an idea of how our Youth Church, “Tyfu Tyfil” will pan out.

Find a lace project for this…

wwkip 008

and find some time to spin this…

wwkip 009merino and silk

Both were kindly given to me by Elizabeth. Thank you x

For now…

wwkip 016Cheers!

(thank you Angie xx)


A man of many talents…

My husband spent most of yesterday getting this…

(there is actually a celtic border on the right hand side, not sure why that’s not scanning though…hmmm)

and the little certificate as mentioned in the poster, finished.

I’d say he’s done a grand job!

I’m really looking forward to this, just hope people turn up now!