It’s that time of year again…

It’s that time of year again, World Wide Knitting in Public Day. I haven’t done one for a couple of years and hadn’t really thought about doing one this year, but Big J mentioned it, and the seed was sown. I checked when the big day was happening, in the 10 days (6th – 16th) WKIPD could be held, there was 1 day in my diary where I wasn’t going to be busy, I posted the idea on Facebook to see if there’s be any interest…lo and behold it was practically organised for me!

We decided to raise money for Wales Air Ambulance as this was the charity the LWS supported and she provided some fabulously woolly raffle prizes.

Sadly and stupidly I forgot my camera…so the only photos I have of the event was this one taken by Ms Daines.


Yep, this is me, spinning some cotton

and these taken by Ms James


We had a fantastic day sharing interests and tips, teaching new crafts, knittin’ and nattin’.

I’ve been spending a lot of my time making items for my old new shop and getting back into the habit of spinning every day, because of course it is that time of year too.

Tour de Fleece. I’m yet again on Team Jellylegs, spinning some of Limegreenjelly ‘s beautifully hand painted fleeces.

The latest hank to come off the spindle is this,


“Little Haven” Wensleydale fibre singles, I think I bought the roving from Thefeltbox.com, but I am honestly not sure. I’ve got to say, I didn’t enjoy spinning this, I found it really fluffy, with loose staples flying everywhere, which made me sneeze a lot!! But, the colours are beautiful and now that it’s done, I love it.

I’ve only got a small amount of the cotton (which has been in my stash for a while) left to spin and next is some BFL, which I will attempt to dye…once the weekend is over.

It’s going to be a busy one. Big and little J are off to Leicester to see Madness (yes, Madness!!) and particularly their supporting band By The Rivers. I’m only slightly jealous! This leaves me with entertaining the other 3 babies and loads of face painting with Pembroke Dock’s Summer festival and as hectic and tiring it is,  I love this job and so thankful that i am asked back each year.

I shall leave you with Take Control by By The Rivers :

I’ll see you on the other side. x Have a fab day.


“Hey man, slow down”

(Radiohead – The Tourist – Ok Computer)

I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for ages, but for some reason or another, I just haven’t got around to it.

The Tour de Fleece spinning is going well, and have so far spun 2 50g hanks of navajo plied merino, 100g of BFL 2 ply 3 40g hanks of a chunky slubby shetland yarn and I’m about to spin another shetland…I might try plying on the fly for this one.

2009-07-10 navajo

This is “Take Back” from Limegreenjelly, a merino nad bamboo blend.

2009-07-15 navajoblue

This yanrn I have named “Navajo Blue” a superfine merino which was gifted to me from MamaMi.

I love to learn new techniques and can get quite obsessive until I feel I’ve got it right. I still don’t really know if I have but I followed the instructions given on this video.

2009-07-11 my precious

This is “Precious” from Limegreenjelly, I’ve spun it into a 2 ply yarn and have named my creation “Smeagol”. I am so pleased with this one! Jo’s wonderful colours make it a special yarn.

drying 005

The yarn on the left, middle and right are the “Slubby Gimp” yarn, this is “Ceiliog” (If I remember rightly,  is Cockerel, in Welsh) a shetland fibre from MamaMi, plied with a bright red cotton yarn.

So stage 11 is up and I’m gonna spin this one: “Derw” (which is Oak, in Welsh) another shetland from MamaMi.


I’m either going to ply on the fly with this one or ply it with some “Take Back” merino/bamboo…or both! I’ve been spinning most of these on my spindle that was hand made by a friend in Pembroke, I am so impressed with them, they have worked so well.


If at all you would like to buy one, they are in my Folksy Shop.

I had the most wonderful 3 day weekend. Saturday was spent shopping as I had to go to Haverford West to get my eyes tested…I wion’t tell you how much we ended up spending in the Christian Bookshop, but it was alot!

I bought this one for me:


Which is book 1 of the Circle Trilogy. I’m enjoying it, though it sounds, so far, a lot like ” The Chronicles Thomas Covenant” by Stephen Donaldson, but a lot easier to read.

The reason we spent a lot was that Jim and I are hoping to set up a youth church in Pembroke Dock, we want it to prepare young children for big church, but explaing various things like Communion, Baptism, the sermon etc on their level. We’re looking at alternative worshipping, so it’s not boring….and I get to do all the craft bits, naturally!

On Sunday I had my little sister over from Leeds, she’s about 7 months pregnant with her first baby and very excited. We spent the evening looking through all my baby knitting patterns and had a good laugh at all those fantastic vintage patterns!


I think she’d kill me if I knitted this for her!

Monday I took the day off work, the big kids were a bit poorly, but nothing too bad in the end. As Caryl and James were still around, we took them to Bosherston and met up with my friend M (she own’s the alpacas), who has booked us in to camp on her site for a couple of weeks during the summer hols (only 3 days to go!!!!!!) which will be so handy as we’re not too far from home if we need anything, and we still get to go away, a change is as good as a rest, so they say! I have to give her and a friend some spinning lessons in return though! I’m sure I can manage that!

First though, we have a trip to London to meet some of Jim’s Moblog friends. He is taking part in a charity Bike ride, from London to Cambridge….if you fancy sponsering him at all, the website is here: He’s raising money for “BreakThrough” a Breast Cancer charity. There is a link here if you would like to know more about the Breakthrough Charity.

So, what’s next for me?

After I finish work in 3 days time, Spinning for the Tour de Fleece, I have face painting for a friends birthday, making table runners from Sari fabric for a friends wedding, I have been asked to do another face painting session for “The Big Lunch” which is happening the Sunday. I’m hoping the weather stays dry! We’ll be meeting in the Memorial park at around 12.30pm and having a big picnic.

So, still busy, busy for now at least.

Happy days xx


Knit in Public…I dare ya!

Ah, the anti climax…after weeks of chasing people up, finding a venue, or two…the haggling for prices, finding people who you think would be interested  and then in the final hours the panic sets in.

Thankfully I had Elizabeth (Deep Sea Knitter) to share that with and take my mind off the whole affair. It’s funny because we’re not actually that far away from each other providing there’s a car involved, but neither of us have one and public transport in West Wales is…well…difficult.  So she came down Friday instead. It was lovely to have you here and thank you x

wwkip 001

Spinning Blue faced Leicester.

Regardless of any ground work, it’s the people who turn up who make the whole event wonderful. Our usual knitters came, Monkton’s knitting group and a few strangers popped in too.


A lady from the RSVP (retired senior volunteer programme) came along to give us some yarns and whatnot. She also wanted to know how to use a knitting machine…to which I kindly obliged until the machine jammed!  Half the needles had bent and a cam in the carriage was not moving as smoothly as it should. I should have checked it first! D’oh!

Catronia from “Jane’s of Fishguard” wool shop came down with her daughter….and John ( “The Woodman” as he seems to have become known as) came over with his wife.

kipday8I shall be putting his spindles up for sale in my Folksy Shop.

By 1pm most had had enough and started to pack up their gazebos. I’m so glad I stuck around because I finally met Angie of  Blog  Blethers who is sat behind Felix (The Domestic Soundscape) who was travelling around our neck of the woods and knitting her baby wool and sari silk project. I’m also glad Andrew (Ravelry Link) managed to fit us in in his busy schedule too. I can’t wait to see that Pinwheel Cardigan finished which he is knitting in the most beautiful yarn I have ever seen.

wwkip 006

Thank you all so much for coming  and thank you to Mr Hobo for the photos. Glad you were’nt the token bloke after all.


So, what’s next?

On the 19th of June I shall be face pinting on the Memorial park with the “Teddy Bear’s Picnic”. On Sunday Mr Hobo has been asked to lead the Family Service, at St Teilo’s church, which gives us a chance to get an idea of how our Youth Church, “Tyfu Tyfil” will pan out.

Find a lace project for this…

wwkip 008

and find some time to spin this…

wwkip 009merino and silk

Both were kindly given to me by Elizabeth. Thank you x

For now…

wwkip 016Cheers!

(thank you Angie xx)


1 potato, 2 potato….

You know when you’re working hard, never seem to be in, and the house work is the last thing on your mind…yet, you know it has to be done and the ironing pile becomes a new monument, the living room floor dissapears and you find yourself constantly moving things to sit down.

Yesterday I had to tidy, I had to. I’m going to be busy for the next two weekends (I’ll tell you later) and I don’t want to be doing anything after work, so the plan was, get the kids to help and they could earn some pocket money and we were possibly having people around. It had to be done – end of!

But…(yeah, you knew the “but” was coming). We remebered that the Pembrokeshire Potato Festival was on. We usually miss it as Pembrokeshire has this fear of advertising events.

So off we went…

potato 002

Tomos Tatws

Thankfully the weather stayed dry in time for the kids to make potato-head masks.


I love the expression on Mavis’ mask – she actually looks like that!

It was good to see Pip and Guy again. Who, with Josie Coggins are known as “Space to Create”. A little group of very talented artists.

As you may or may not have realised, I’m a big fan of real ales, hence the name “Riggwelter” which is a Black Sheep Brewery Beer, you may also know that I love to support local produce (most of our veg and meat comes from the farmer’s market here). So when the two come together, I can get quite excited.


The Honey one is going to go well with today’s dinner.

Organic Pembrokeshire lamb. Mmmmmmmm….

Needless to say, the tidying up didn’t get done, apart from tidying up the living room a little so I could at least sit down at the computer! As soon as I heard we weren,t having guests after all, I gave up on the idea.

I have been doing a little crocheting. I’m making little keyrings to sell at the weekend, to raise some money for SNAP Cymru.

morestuff 003Made from Twilley’s of Stamford “Freedom Spirit”

morestuff 004and some little bangles.

stuff 008(made from “Freedom Spirit” – 100% Wool)

and a couple of clocks.

clock 027(made from handspun wool and Angelina fibre – from Mamami)

Right, I’m off to tidy the house….as if!


Turning of the Tide


1. “Taffygog Tribble”. Alpaca and Merino, handspun on a drop spindle.

2. Good beer and MamaMi’s “Blasus”, superfine merino.

3. Alpaca neck warmer.

4. New drop spindle with more MamaMi superfine merino.

5. Twilley’s of Stamford 100% wool “Freedom” knitted in garter stitch.

6. “Blasus” superfine merino singles, spun on drop spindle.

7. Spinning outside, alpaca.

8. “After the Goldrush” wool and angelina fibre I think….(help Anne?) from MamaMi.

9. New drop spinlde, new carders and new fibre……heaven!

10. Alpaca, 2ply, drop spindle.

11. Handbag knitted in “Freedom” with circular bamboo handles.

12. “Taffygog Tribble”.

Centre: more alpaca!

As you can see I’ve kinda got into this spinning lark….kinda. It seems there is more spinning going on than knitting at the moment, though I do need to swap the spindle for needles soon as there are a few babies on the way….not me, btw, before anyone gets any silly ideas!

But while things are going my way I’m sicking with this spinning. The wonderful lady at my LYS has done it again and managed to put me in touch with a local wood turner. I bought a few of his bowls which are beautiful (I’ll post a pic later). I asked G when she saw him next to ask if he’d have a go at making drop spindles…..A big fat YES was the reply and after a phone call from him, I think he’s about as excited as I am about it all and wants to try his hand at making a spinning wheel! As I don’t have one I’ll have to see about finding stuff on t’internet for him (if anyone can point me in the right direction I will be very grateful). Anyway the new spindle in the mosaic above is the one he made…..it works fine, a little wobbley, but it spins. I was hoping to meet up with Jonathan during the half term holidays as he said he’d let me have a go on his lathe! How cool is that? But it looks like we may be going away to Cardiff to see a frriend…..Angie, I will be in touch, maybe we can meet up?

As well as all that, I managed to get a pair of second hand carders from the wonderful Christina (thank you x) so that’s me in business!

Apart from all that good stuff, there’s not a great deal going on. Work, work and work! I am looking forward to the half term holidays though and getting a bit of a break. She says, with four kids in tow!

I’m trying to organise a WWKIP day here. I was trying for the Pembroke Town Hall but it’s booked for that week. I have a lovely lady on the case who’s been trying very hard to find a venue, but nothing is working out. So I’m going to try for the space outside the Pembroke Dock Library, it’s close to a cafe, toilets and seats. If it rains though, I don’t know what we’ll do? Still working on that one! We might end up in one of the church halls, which is what I didn’t want to do, as they are not public enough…..we shall see.

If anyone in Pembrokeshire wants to come and join us, please feel free….please, let’s make this a fantastic event!


Hand made wooden bowls. If you’re interested, they are £16. Just let me know.


Fine art…

I was putting together a poster for BAPTARA (a local community group) this morning, after updating the TDFKAL blog, tidying the living room and a bit of knitting (it’s been a long night!) and was suddenly aware of this orange glow, as if the garden was on fire!

Not the garden, but the sky.

It looked like something out of Constable or Turner paintings.

Simply stunning and then within moments the sky changed to this:

and naturally a bit of rain…not enough to water the garden though, so that’s another job to do before my day even begins!

As I was mulling around blogland in the early hours, and visiting those blogs I like to visit, for one reason or another…KnitCave’s is obvious…she’s done this book meme, which I saw, oooh a long time ago now, so I’m not going to go through it all again, only because I feel there should be more fantastic books on there which aren’t.

Such as

This is the book I’m reading at the moment, or I was until the Tour started. I love this guy’s books and everyone should read at least one. I recommend “The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat”, or “Island of the Colourblind”, and everyone knows “The Awakenings” . Or, in fact any of them, he’s the only guy I know who can make chemistry, neurology and psychology thrilling and understandable.

I don’t think there’s any Angela Carter on the list either, or Iris Murdoch or JP Donlevey or even

Dylan Thomas! Are there any other books you feel should be added to the list? Really, I’m interested.



The “Pink Twist” from Shunklies arrived and I decided that just in case I do run out, to make the middle of my scarf pink.

And as I’m feeling a bit more relaxed about lace knitting, I thought I’d go for something that takes a little bit more care and concentration. Right now I’m knitting another Diamond Border, then I shall add this:

in place of the Fishtale Panel at the beginning of the scarf, and continue to knit Fern Diamonds in the middle. Let’s just hope I don’t get too confident and end up falling off my bike within inches of the finish line.

Oh and for those local people reading:


“Is not this whole world an illusion? And yet it fools everybody” Angela Carter.


Intermediate Sprint #2

The Regional Challenge:
Every region and town in France seems to have its very own specialty wine, cheese, or produce that it is particularly well known for. One of the joys of the Tour de France is to discover the flavours which characterise each region. This week’s intermediate sprint is all about regions:

Cycling Option: Get on your bike and show us something special about your own region where you live and cycle!

I thought long and hard about this option. I could show you the wonderful beaches, the stunning coastline, the fabulous views of rolling countryside, the old woolen mills and farms, stately homes and castles, all things bright and beautiful. I decided on the not so beautiful, but utterly intriguing, to me anyway, The Dockyards:

For such a small town, a small, deprived, dismal town, it’s hold a lot of history. Pembroke Dock has played a major part in building ships which helped to fight Napoleon, hence the two Martello Towers,

to housing the Sunderland Flying Boats.

This is the propeller of one that had sunk in the dock. The rest of the plane is still under the sea bed, although some engine parts have been raised.

There’s also the RAF bases, army barracks, the military presence was strong before WWII but the dock was destroyed after a serious bombing. The town went into decline and it’s taking a long time to find it’s way back to the surface again.

My favourite dock history is this…

Yep, the Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars Trilogy was first built here! The one and only full scale model of the ship, and there’s absolutely nothing here to show for it apart from this.