Back to nature.

Or should I subtitle this “The day I nearly went to Wonderwool Wales – and totally peed that I didn’t!”

The wonderful Forbidden Knitter offered a lift, I had so much planned, I wanted to meet Posh Dee of Posh Yarns and Artis-Anne and her daughter Kath, I wanted to spend time in what only could be described as a little bit if heaven, and what happens?

I got ill, it started with a sore throat, which became a tummy bug and then a full blow flu-ey thing. I’ve been feeling so low and lethargic of late (try saying that after a few!) I haven’t done much in the way of crafts at all, especially knitting. I’m actually beginning to wonder if Clarabelle did actually steal my mojo after all.

Still, I suppose there’s always next year.

But, after having nearly a week off work (but with either 2 or more of the kids as they’ve been poorly too) I am feeling much better now and can stare gormless-ly at the monitor without getting dizzy!

We all took a walk on Saturday, to clear the cobwebs, firstly to Brunel Quay, just across the Cleddau Bridge.
It’s a wonderful, if not blustery walk over the river Cleddau to Neyland where we walked along the last remains of the South Wales Railway, built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel (hence the name of the quay).

We carried on along the cycle path (a bit that Jim looks after for Sustrans) to the Nature Reserve.

Mavis was so desperately wanting to chat to this swan, despite me telling her it wouldn’t be happy about it.

The best bit of this cycle route, for me, is that it’s completely off-road, the children can wander around exploring nature without too much worry.

After several hours of walking, and frequent “wee stops” we guessed that the kids were getting tired and followed the nearest exit to civilisation (if you can all it that in Pembrokeshire!) and caught the next bus home.

The children were so interested in the flowers and birds and bugs, that much so, that I bought them a wormery. As I was planting my veg (we have carrots, radish, onions, lettuce, and mixed leaves- I’ll leave those for another post now though) I let them set it all up and look for worms. There is actually an ulterior motive for the wormery. I am organising an exhibition for The Pembroke Dock Midsummer Festival again this year, on Pembrokeshire Wildlife, so I thought it would be fun for the children who visit, to see how the worms live.

There’s not a great deal going on yet, they must be Pembrokeshire worms!

And finally, as for knitting, I’ve not done a lot. I’ve made a little more progress on Big J’s jumper, which should be finished just in time for the summer!

Song for this post – Midnight Man – Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds


UK Swap:Topic of the Week #6: Swapping

Q: Have you done a swap before (doesn’t have to be a knitting swap)? What do you like best about swapping? Are there any personal “requirements” that a swap has to have before you will join?

I have done several swaps before, most of them good though I have had bad experiences in the past. My only requirement I have is that it has to coincide with a pay day, so I know I can afford to buy and send the items. I love the swapping, I love to “meet” new people who have similar interests and I adore buying gifts. The thought of making someones day is amazing!

I’ll write another proper blog post later, after todays adventures, which is going on at the Youth Centre here (Pembroke Dock) where I shall be holding a “recycle your clothes” workshop from 10am-4pm (I think there’s a free lunch too).


Of the brighter, cold moon…

I’ve been promising you, whether you are many people, or just me…
Which reminds me, thank you very much girls for all your comments, they make me feel all yummy inside and help me realise that there are some very kind people out there. xx

Regains composure and hardened outlook…

As I was saying, willow sculpture, what more can I say, I love it!
I’ve been taking my Wednesday group (which will be finishing after Christmas)down to the Youth Centre to take part in the lantern making for the Winter Parade.

Photo taken by Mike Odlin (Llanion Communities First)

The lanterns are, naturally made from willow, which when wet, it’s really bendy, so with a bit of masking tape and no-one stood within 1m circle (if you accidently let go, chances are you’ll whip someone in the face! I know, I’ve done it!) You can create all kinds of shapes:

This moon is by no means all my work, I just finished it off, I love the nose.

Once the frame is done, it then gets passed over to the “papering queens” (they know who they are!) who take squares of the same paper that haidressers use for perming, but on a larger scale, soaked in PVA glue. When it dries, it stretches over the frame and dries solid.

Ta-da! Then it gets passed to the electric people and they fit battery packs and lights.

This one is my own creation,

Willow Angel, she’s looking a bit Venus-esque at the minute, but hopefully I shall have her arms and wings finished this week.

On the fibre front, I’ve been working on this:

Freeform crochet, completely inspired by these people…Quartodeideias and Prudence

As I was giving my blog a bit of a spring-clean, I realised it was a year old last month and I missed it!

So, as I’m not prepared for this blogversary, it’s only a small thing but:
the first person who can tell me which poem the title comes from, can have a Christmas present from me.

Have a great day!


National Knitting Week

I tried really hard to avoid this one, I mean, really, really hard…
I have enough to do without organising knitting events but when a member of Llanion Communities First sent me this email I thought, well, I could do the two together, couldn’t I?

And that was it, the seed was sown and I couldn’t let it go.
(detailed info is incase there are any locals reading this)
So, to celebrate National Knitting Week, I shall be holding a “Knit Together” at Mag’s Cafe in the Govans Centre in Pembroke Dock (the one that used to be Liberties) on the 20th October
From 11am – 2pm

Bring your knitting, have a coffee, pick up new tips….you know the score.

And in association with The Children’s Society and The Big Stitch, I will be bringing along sponsor forms and red wool for anyone who wants to get involved.

phew! Can I breath now?

No, I didn’t think so.

As for my knitting news…Ididntgetmysecondsockstarted! oops. I do have a reason though, I wasn’t that keen on the navy yarn, it was itchy and scratchy, so I have opted for 2 other colours. I don’t have a photo yet, I have nearly finished the first and if I haven’t got the 2nd cast on this time next week, feel free to boot me up the arse.

I do have a photo of this though

Twinkle Toes

Knitted in Sheena Ann “Bobble Top” this one is toddler size and are quick to knit. I’m going to knit some for me and my sister for Christmas.

and The Beetle looks like this at the moment,

but I have run out of Stainless steel so it’s hibernating for a bit. I am sorting out pattern instructions though and will publish them for free on here.

See you on Saturday…right!


And the winner is…

That’s Jo , for the “Jack Sparrow’s Favourite Socks” from this site.

(sorry I am a day late: excuses to be reeled off later!)

It was such a hard task trying to decide which was the best sock, I mulled over them for a day (excuse no. 1) and in the end wrote all the names down and asked Mavis to pick one out…

So, Congratulations Jo. I do like these socks, I haven’t done any colour work in socks which will be a new challenge (as you know, I love to learn something new) I also like my pirates, although the films I haven’t seen!

If you could email me with your address Jo, I’ll get your yarn off to you asap.

A great effort from everyone though, thank you for taking the time to enter my little competition.
Also thanks for all the well wishes for J. He’s home now and slowly recovering. He’s been told he can’t cycle for at least 2 months which is killing him! (not literally I hasten to add!) (excuse no.2)

Whilst J was away I had a bit of a re-shuffle (excuse no.3). You know how you start one thing, and it leads to another, and then another…and so on. Well, the original task was to put my stash into boxes as they had been messed about a bit due to laziness. I decided I didn’t have enough room for all my craft stuff. J is always complaining that I have bits everywhere, so I suggested that we swapped offices. He has had the “dining room” with loads of space and an empty cupboard and a huge desk.

It’s now mine…all mine!

I’ve not done a great deal of knitting, with me and the kids being back at school, I’ve just not had the time, but, my alpaca/silk tank has taken on a whole new look.

I’m happier with this one, it’s moving with much more speed.
The pink bit is still the Debbie Bliss alpaca/silk blend. The purple yarn is Wendy Merino, which is so soft once it’s been washed.

And as if I am not busy enough (I work better under pressure anyway, so I’m not complaining) I have been asked to move my craft class from the family centre up to the community school…woohoo…and I start next week! (and I’ll get paid…YAY!)
I’m really looking forward to that.

For the local folks who read this: Look out for the flyers for a “CanDo Promo” thing we have going at St John’s Church on Thursday ( 13th Sept) morning 9am – 12pm
I’m going to do a bit of machine knitting and scrapbooking this time and there will be few stalls going on with Needles and Pins and Yo-Yo Yarns and the Thursday Social Club. Refreshments, raffles and bargain stalls and a peek into the future of Community Activities Network Do!
Be there…please. 🙂


Socks, glorious socks.

I made good headway with the Tour De France socks yesterday evening whilst watching the highlights on ITV4. Another great race and thankfully no big crashes!

Photo from ITV.com
Didn’t Cancellara do well? And how nice of Miller to share his polka dot jersey!

I’m now alternating between the green and the blue so I shall have both pairs finished at more or less the same time.

Tour de France socks.

“Husbeast” Merino socks.

J and I had a rare treat yesterday, as all the children are in school on a Tuesday afternoon, and instead of me disappearing to the knitting group, we decided to take a bike ride around the dock as the weather was dry.
We had a race to the top of the hill, which I won! hee hee!

We then had a quick cup of tea in peace before 3 o’clock came and we had to pick them all up from school. I always feel a bit like Cinderella having to leave the ball at midnight!



I’ve been getting ready for the start of the Tour de France KAL. Researching the knitting of 2 socks on 2 circular needles and found what looks like a very helpful site here.

I’ve printed off a copy (for personal use obviously) to get a bit of practise in now.
I’m so looking forward to this, and pretty glad I’m not doing the actual race! Have you seen the route?

I had chance of a bit of me time today, with all the kids in school and an offer of a haircut for half price. I was a bit nervous to be honest, the last time I went to a hairdresser I spent £21 on a crap haircut! Since then I have just shaved my hair off during the hot weeks. As it doesn’t look like it’s going to get that warm this summer I decided not to get rid of my winter coat…and did this instead…

I’m well impressed, I had it washed, cut, blown dry and straighted all for £4.50. It was done by a trainee, but with supervision by a professional so really there was no risk of it getting messed up. I’m chuffed!
So, Pembroke Dock Community Web Blokes…spread the word, The Orange Room are doing half price deals if you get your hair cut by a trainee, well worth it!

And…I’ve been given a little present from Llanion Communities First and the Midsummer Festival Group for all my help….thanks guys!